Ryfylkekokken, 2019

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Try our catering services, our menu are available here

Order by email to cathrine@ryfylkekokken.no 

What do we offer? 

Chef Ryfylke offers fantastic meals based on local products after seasons like lamb, tomatoes, vegetables, herbs, berries… 

We are doing both dinners, foodshows and number of guests from 10-500

Landahuset in Steinnesvåg at the westcoast of Finnøy are our own restaurant - but we are also travelling where you are. 

Who are we? 

Chef Ryfylke Frode Selvaag, general manager/ chef

official Sterling Chef for Sterling White Halibut from Hjelmeland

Also known for promoting local food and as judge in international cooking competitions


phone +47 915 49133


Cathrine Selvaag - office/ chef/ waiter


phone +47 90536673


Made With Hart - uniforms and other clothing

Ryfylke Livsgnist - partners on events

Sterling White Halibut - Sterling Chef